Transforming the way healthcare is delivered in the UK.
Supporting innovation & the delivery of better patient outcomes.

MSD’s pursuit of innovative products and solutions is entrenched in our history. For well over a century, we’ve sought novel ways to address healthcare needs in our quest to cure disease and save lives. Pressing health issues, and the demand on our healthcare system, calls for us to continue our efforts to create and co-create services beyond the pill

Whether it’s developing new products, within our rich and robust pipeline, to address current and unmet health needs; or providing new services through a digital health platform, innovation is a focal point for everything that we do.

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Innovation and partnership working go hand in hand

Strong collaborative working is a significant feature of our history. Our successful treatment of tuberculosis in 1944 came about through a joint venture, and we continue to recognise the immense value of partnering with others who share our values and commitment to healthcare and wellness. At this juncture, we are working with a number of organisations to explore the preventative healthcare space as well as with our partners in the NHS to assist with reducing the challenges of our National Health Service with a view to ultimately benefiting the patient.

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