At MSD we offer a range of opportunities to university students, enabling you to kick start a career in healthcare whilst making a true difference to peoples' lives.

Applications for 2018/19 are now closed.

Our industrial placements offer a wide range of opportunities within the industry, with roles within Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Business Analytics, IT, Clinical Trials, Manufacturing and more. We are looking for students searching for an industrial placement which provides rewarding opportunities and diverse experiences, whilst working with a collaborative team of dedicated colleagues who are willing to support you.

At MSD, we believe that it is invaluable for you to have the opportunity to understand the broader business and form networks across the organisation. Whichever role you apply for, within your comprehensive 12-month programme there will be opportunities to develop your understanding of the business as a whole.

Please note: we do not offer summer internships.

Experiences during your time with us include:



Marketing Operations

Medical Affairs

Clinical Research

External Affairs

Digital Marketing Consumer Engagement


Procurement and Strategic Capabilities

Human Resources

Business Insights and Data Solutions

Development Quality

Healthcare Services


Bulk Manufacturing

Package and Supply Chain

Packaging/ Technical Operations

Engineering and Technology


Milton Keynes