We're bold enough to want to change the world, but we're smart enough to know we can't do it alone. In our quest to discover and develop innovative medicines, we are proud to work with many experts to bring medicines from the molecule to the bedside.

We aspire to be open and transparent about these collaborations. We know we must continue to deserve the trust and confidence of patients, and also our customers, employees, shareholders and anyone else who connects with our business.

Our industry is actively involved in developing and adopting practices which help share information appropriately and with increasing transparency. This is an evolutionary process which is happening both in the UK and around the world.

Payments to Health Professionals and Healthcare Organisations

MSD is passionate about advancing health and providing life-saving medicines to patients through innovation but we cannot do this without the vital scientific knowledge and insight health professionals (HCPs) bring or close collaboration with healthcare organisations (HCOs).

We are proud of the work we do together with HCPs and HCOs and want to be open and transparent about how we operate and who we collaborate with – we believe the relationship between HCPs, HCOs and our industry is critical to the future of medical research, innovation and patient care and as such, should meet the high expectations of patients and wider stakeholders.

The pharmaceutical industry is committed to greater transparency of financial relationships with HCPs and HCOs.

As a member of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), MSD supports this and has already been disclosing anonymised aggregate payments and benefits to HCPs and HCOs for the last three years in the lead up to individual disclosure. Click here for archive.

Individual disclosure

MSD, along with other ABPI member companies, discloses details of certain Transfer of Value (ToV) payments and benefits to individually named HCPs and HCOs on a publicly searchable database, Disclosure UK, which is hosted on the ABPI website.

For details of MSD’s individual payments to HCPs and HCOs, please click here

You can also find our reports and methodology here.