From time to time we may experience shortages of some products and may divest or discontinue others.

For healthcare professionals who require more information about shortages, please contact:
MSD UK customer services on 01992 452094 (during public holidays please contact our UK switchboard on 01992 467272).
Please click here to download an emergency patient supply order form (for use by UK healthcare professionals only).

If you are a patient seeking information on how shortages may affect your treatment, we recommend that you consult your doctor.

For more information about our products, please call our medical information line via our switchboard on 01992 467272.

Out of Stock

Product Description Supply Status Estimated Resupply Date
  • COZAAR 2.5 mg/ml solvent and powder for oral suspension
OOS Early August 2018
  • DIPROSONE 0.05 % w/w lotion
OOS Mid June 2018
  • INNOZIDE 20/12.5 mg tablets
OOS Early August 2018
  • ISENTRESS 100 mg Granules for Oral Suspension 60 Sachets
Limited Supply In process of replenishing wholesaler
  • ORGALUTRAN 0.25 mg/0.5 mL solution for injection
OOS November 2018
  • PUREGON 300IU/0.36ml solution for injection
OOS November 2018
  • PUREGON 600IU/0.72ml solution for injection
OOS November 2018
  • PUREGON 900IU/1.08ml solution for injection
OOS November 2018
  • REBETOL 40mg/ml Oral Solution
OOS Mid July 2018
  • ZINPLAVA 25mg/ml concentrate for solution for infusion
OOS Mid June 2018


  • ARCOXIA® 90 mg Film-coated Tablets 5 Pack
  • CRIXIVAN 400 mg
  • ESMERON 10mg/ml Solution for Injection 10ml vial
  • MODURET-25 25/2.5 mg Tablets
  • NORCURON® (vecuronium bromide)
  • PREGNYL 1500.I.U powder for solution for injection
  • PREGNYL 5000.I.U powder for solution for injection
  • PUREGON 50IU/0.5ml solution for injection
  • PUREGON 100IU/0.5ml solution for injection