From developing new therapies that treat and prevent disease to helping people in need, we're committed to improving health and wellbeing around the world

We are inspired by the difference we can make in the lives of people around the world through innovative medicines, including biologic therapies, and animal health products. Our products cover a broad range of areas, including cardiovascular disease and immunology, infectious diseases, and women's health. And we focus our research on conditions that affect millions of people around the world - diseases like Alzheimer's, diabetes and cancer - while building strengths in new areas like biologics.


    Cancer is one of the most significant global health challenges today, representing one of the most urgent unmet medical needs.


    In 2012, it is estimated that approximately 14 million people worldwide were diagnosed and about 8 million people died from cancer.

    By 2025, new cancer cases worldwide are predicted to exceed 20 million annually.

    At MSD, our goal is to translate breakthrough science into biomedical innovations to help people with cancer.

    For our oncology team, helping people fight cancer is our passion, supporting accessibility to our cancer medicines is our commitment, and pursuing research in immuno-oncology is our focus to potentially bring new hope to people with cancer.


    3.2 million people diagnosed with diabetes- of which 2.9 million, or 90% have Type 2 diabetes.

    It’s estimated that over 630,000 more people have the disease but have not been diagnosed.

    Another 7 million people could be at high risk of developing diabetes.

    Tackling diabetes requires a holistic approach that addresses lifestyle and helps people better manage their condition.


    MSD is committed to developing innovative medicines to help people with diabetes.


    The rise in infections that are resistant to antibiotics has become one of the world’s most pressing public health problems.


    With the acquisition of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc., MSD has reaffirmed its commitment to develop new therapeutics to fight infectious diseases, building on both companies’ work in this area.

    Antimicrobial research remains an important area of focus, in addition to a combined portfolio of antibiotic and antifungal medicines, vaccines and medicines for HIV and HCV.


    Our commitment to cardiovascular care began with one of the first oral antihypertensive medications in the 1950s and continued with research leading to new cholesterol-lowering statins in the 1970s.

    • Cardiovascular disease (CVD) causes more than a quarter of all deaths in the UK, or around 160,000 deaths each year.
    • Approx. 7 million people are living with CVD in the UK
    • 2.6 million people are living with coronary heart disease

    Today, we strive to meet even greater expectations by offering options for patients and healthcare providers. These include treatments and tools for healthcare professionals to highlight where treatment targets are not being met and suggesting where care can be improved.


    MSD has biologic products in three therapeutic areas: gasteroenteritis, rheumatology and dermatology.


    Thanks to the advent of biologic therapies in the late 1980s, control of immunological disease, through suppression of inflammation, has helped improve patients’ lives.

    We also know that successful disease management goes beyond medicines. We invest extensively in hospital and educational programmes as well as options for people having treatment at home.


    Our Mission: to ensure that every woman in the UK has awareness of, and easy access to, the right contraceptive choice for her.


    In the UK, up to 50% of pregnancies are unintended and more than 20% of pregnancies result in abortion. Both have a major impact on individuals, families and wider society.

    We hope to achieve our mission, through a range of support services and solutions for healthcare professionals and contraceptive education and awareness materials for women.

Over the past 125 years, we’ve seen the world change through the power of medicine and invention.

While each pivotal milestone has been unique, one thing they have in common is that we haven’t done it alone. At MSD, we have always believed that great medical breakthroughs rely on teamwork – from within and outside of MSD – and our history has proven it. We are proud to have worked in partnership with companies, academics, governments, patient organisations, healthcare professionals, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), multilateral organisations and others in the private sector -- to help improve lives around the world and continue to solve some of the world’s most serious illnesses.

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