Changes to our company portfolio – MSD and Organon & Co. read more

Changes to our company portfolio

Please note that as of June 3rd 2021, MSD completed the spin-off of products from its women’s health, legacy brands, and biosimilars franchises into the new independent, publicly traded company Organon & Co.

For information on former MSD products now transferred to Organon & Co. please visit their website.



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    20 September 2021 – MSD ANNOUNCEMENT

    MSD named as finalist in ‘Diverse Company’ category at National Diversity Awards from shortlist of over 64,000 entries across the UK – MSD Announcement

    15 September 2021 – MSD FEATURE STORY

    MSD for Mothers UK Ambassador Lead Natasha Philips explains why she is so passionate about her role in such a life-saving initiative

    10 June 2021 – MSD ANNOUNCEMENT

    MSD joins forces with other leaders from the technology, health, global development and academic sectors to announce the Alliance for Advancing Health Online

    06 May 2021 – MEDIA STATEMENT

    MSD Announces Election of Dr Fiona H. Marshall as Fellow of The Royal Society

    26 April 2021 – MSD ANNOUNCEMENT

    MSD Accelerates Climate Goals; Announces Carbon Neutrality in Operations by 2025

    12 March 2021 – MSD ANNOUNCEMENT

    MSD named as ‘Outstanding Company of the Year’

    17 February 2021 – MEDIA STATEMENT

    MSD is spinning off products from its women’s health, legacy brands, and biosimilar franchises into a new, independent, publicly traded company called Organon

    9 February 2021 – MSD FEATURE STORY

    Inventing to Invest in Our Future, Dr Jill Richardson

    27 January 2021 – MEDIA STATEMENT

    MSD Discontinues Development of SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates; Continues Development of Two Investigational Therapeutic Candidates

    5 October 2020 – MSD FEATURE STORY

    How do we support patients in a Covid-19 World? We think collaboration, flexibility and a focus on future pandemic preparedness is key

    8 September 2020 – MSD ANNOUNCEMENT

    MSD in the UK shortlisted for National Diversity Award

    24 August 2020 – MSD ANNOUNCEMENT

    MSD is spinning off products from its women’s health, legacy brands, and biosimilars franchises into a new independent, publicly traded company (“NewCo”)

    18 August 2020 – MEDIA STATEMENT

    MSD announces location of new state-of-the-art Discovery Research Centre and UK Headquarters in Central London

    15 July 2020 – MSD ANNOUNCEMENT

    MSD’s Therapy Area Community Grants Programme

    9th July 2020 – MSD ANNOUNCEMENT

    Addressing antibiotic resistance is more critical than ever. Here’s why.

    3rd July 2020 – MSD FEATURE STORY

    Diversity brings new ways of thinking

    1st July 2020 – MSD ANNOUNCEMENT

    MSD’s UK COVID-19 grants programme

    16th June 2020 – MSD FEATURE STORY

    Come as you are – employees bring their whole selves to work

    4th June 2020 – MSD ANNOUNCEMENT

    MSD Renews Commitment to Gavi

    27th May 2020 – MEDIA STATEMENT

    MSD Announces Multiple Scientific Efforts to Combat COVID-19

    18th May 2020 – MSD UPDATE

    Your questions answered: how MSD is responding to the global pandemic COVID-19

    3rd April 2020 – MSD FEATURE STORY

    Meet MSD doctor and volunteer Dr. Mo Ali

    23rd March 2020 – MSD ANNOUNCEMENT

    How MSD is responding to the global pandemic, COVID-19.

    31st January 2020 – MEDIA STATEMENT

    MSD is proud to announce we have been awarded Top Employer certification for the third year running.

    5th December 2019 – MEDIA STATEMENT

    MSD wins PMEA award for ‘Excellence in Corporate Reputation and Trust’

    25th November 2019 – MEDIA STATEMENT

    MSD announces Jo Bullen as new Executive Director of External Affairs for the UK

    12th November 2019 – MEDIA STATEMENT

    MSD’s ERVEBO® [Ebola Zaire Vaccine (rVSVΔG-ZEBOV-GP) live] Granted Conditional Approval in the European Union

    27th September 2019 – MEDIA STATEMENT

    New managing director announced for MSD in the UK and Ireland

    18th December 2018 – MEDIA STATEMENT

    MSD scientists get set to tackle diseases of ageing at the Francis Crick Institute

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