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Changes to our trading names and address

Please note that in 2021, MSD will be spinning off products from its women’s health, legacy brands, and biosimilars franchises into a new independent, publicly traded company known as Organon & Co.

Due to legal entity separation in advance of this spin off, we now have two UK registered businesses, MSD and Organon. Organon & Co. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc. of Kenilworth, New Jersey, USA.

As a result of the future spin-off of Organon, as well as our head offices moving to London in early 2021, you will begin to see some changes to references to our products, contact details, materials and statements over the coming months.



Prescription Products

Our core business is the discovery and development of prescription medicines for diseases and conditions that impact millions of people.

Today, MSD has a range of prescription products in key therapeutic areas, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, oncology, infectious disease, vaccines, and women's health.


Counterfeit medicines are a serious issue facing patients, health professionals and the pharmaceutical industry.


Counterfeit medicines are made by someone other than the original manufacturer and whilst some counterfeit medicines may have the correct active ingredient, some are dangerous as they may:

Be contaminated
Contain no active ingredient
Have been made in extremely unsanitary conditions
Include too much or too little of the active ingredient
Undermine the patients' confidence in taking medicines
Contain harmful or poisonous ingredients

MSD takes the safety of patients extremely seriously and is working with governments and customs authorities around the world to help control the problems caused by counterfeit medicines.

The EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) came into force on 9th February 2019 and introduces measures to avoid falsified medicines being dispensed to patients. Measures include an anti-tamper device and a 2D matrix bar code which can be scanned to verify authenticity of medicine at key points in the supply chain, including right before dispensing to patients. This is a welcome step in the fight against counterfeit medicines. At MSD, our priority has always been and will continue to be, the safety of the patients which we serve. The new end-to-end verification system is there to ensure product integrity and authenticity of medicines given to patients.

For scientific or medical enquiries about MSD products and all Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) alerts please visit our contacts page.


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