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From time to time we may experience shortages of some products and may divest or discontinue others.


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Supply Status

Product Description
Supply Status
Estimated Resupply Date
ASMANEX® Twisthaler® 200 micrograms Inhalation Powder 60 Dose
Limited Stock
Late June 2020
ASMANEX® Twisthaler® 400 micrograms Inhalation Powder 30 Dose
Limited Stock
September 2020
PROPECIA® 1 mg Film-Coated Tablets 4 X 7 TAB
Out of Stock
Late June 2020
PROPECIA® 1 mg Film-Coated Tablets 6 X 14 TAB
Out of Stock
September 2020
ZOELY® 2.5 mg/1.5 mg film-coated Tablets
Out of Stock
Q1 2022



We continue to track the COVID-19 outbreak closely and are focused on the safety of our employees and their families, continuity of supply and clinical trials, and supporting communities affected by this outbreak. Our thoughts are with the people of all affected areas.

Information about Esmeron® (rocuronium bromide) 10 mg/ml solution for injection

In relation to the COVID 19 crisis, we are experiencing a substantial increase in demand for our product Esmeron globally and the Company is actively engaged in increasing supply. To help the supply of rocuronium bromide to the UK market, a quantity of Esmeron which was packaged for Australia has been made available to the UK, as an interim measure.

The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have approved the use of this supply for the UK.

The details of the batches that will be supplied are detailed below:

Batch number
Expiry date
Feb 2023
Feb 2023
Feb 2023
Feb 2023
Feb 2023

A letter has been distributed to describe the differences in the packaging and that a PIL is not included in the pack, this letter can be found here.

  • Product Description
  • Restandol® Testocaps™ 40 mg capsule
  • Zispin SolTab® 15 mg orodispersible tablets
  • Zispin SolTab® 30 mg orodispersible tablets
  • Zispin SolTab® 45 mg orodispersible tablets

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