Celebrating 5 years of our UK Discovery Centre

June 2023

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We are delighted to be celebrating five years of our leading-edge UK Discovery Centre! 

Achieving an incredible milestone, the team celebrated the Centre’s growth and success to date, hearing from Ben Lucas, our Managing Director for MSD in the UK, Jill Richardson, Executive Director of Discovery Research, as well as spotlighting many teams, leaders, and their work. 

To date, MSD have invested over £1 billion into our world-leading discovery centre and headquarters, to help us achieve our mission of saving and improving lives across the UK and beyond.  

Artist impression of future new Discovery Centre and Headquarters building in London

[Photo: Artist impression of future new Discovery Centre and Headquarters in London]

Celebrations at our London Moorgate offices 

The full day of celebrations and team-building workshops were an important opportunity for the Medical and Research Laboratories wider team to come together, share their successes and learnings, as well as look to what’s coming next. 

Already, our scientists are working to drive medical advances against diseases affecting our ageing population, such as Alzheimer’s. 

Featuring a variety of talks and presentations on the potentially life-changing projects currently underway, from AI applications in chemistry to 3D printing and pharmacology, the atmosphere was wonderfully joyous and welcoming. 

Investing in our talent 

Ensuring we create an open, inclusive, and diverse environment in which everyone feels supported is at the heart of our mission to save and improves lives across the UK and beyond.  

By supporting the British Neuroscience Association (BNA) as a founding member of the BNA Scholarship Programme, we welcomed this year’s cohort to our offices to invite knowledge-sharing and collaboration.  Read more about our work with the BNA Scholars Program here

Looking to the future, we are committed to continued investment into science and discovery. 

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