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Empowering new parents at MSD

November 2023

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MSD for Mothers UK proudly launched ‘Parent Packs’, a thoughtful initiative dedicated to easing the return to work for new parents and offering a supportive hand to those on parental leave. 

There’s no manual for raising little ones, but support, community, and the confidence to manage it all can go a long way! 

Recognising the tremendous value a strong and unwavering support system can have for new parents, MSD for Mothers ‘Parent Packs’ programme centres around sharing experiences, boosting confidence, and providing practical strategies to re-enter the workforce with confidence. 

The launch was coupled with an engaging group coaching session facilitated by an award-winning partner. New parents and those on parental leave were warmly invited to our Moorgate and Milton Keynes offices for a session focused on enhancing confidence and equipping parents with practical strategies for a seamless return to work.

The morning wasn’t just productive; it was an enjoyable experience filled with enriching conversations and cathartic moments, contributing to the establishment of a robust, supportive community for MSD’s newest parents 

By focusing on shared experiences, fostering confidence and community, and working with individuals to craft a robust re-entry strategy, we are elated and honoured to extend our support to all new parents at MSD!

GB-NON-08517 | November 2023