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Changes to our company portfolio

Please note that as of June 3rd 2021, MSD completed the spin-off of products from its women’s health, legacy brands, and biosimilars franchises into the new independent, publicly traded company Organon & Co.

For information on former MSD products now transferred to Organon & Co. please visit their website.




MSD believes in the power of partnership. We recognise that no single organisation has everything it takes to deliver complete healthcare.


Together we are transforming healthcare through scientific excellence and ground-breaking collaborations to help address the challenge of reducing cost and deliver real benefits to UK patients.

We work closely with UK bodies such as the NHS, NICE and MHRA to ensure new medicines are brought to patients as quickly as possible. This has included working with stakeholders on providing medicines through Early Access to Medicines Scheme and the Cancer Drugs Fund. We also invest in research partnerships with the NHS and UK academic centres.



Technology is revolutionising how we manage healthcare and MSD is at the heart of it.

Our people know medicines alone can't guarantee good health, so we are constantly innovating beyond the pill to develop new models of patient care and approaches to population health.



We have a long history of working in partnership with others. Indeed, some of our greatest achievements have come about through collaborative effort.

The Department of Health (DH) defines joint working between the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry as situations where, for the benefit of patients, one or more pharmaceutical companies and the NHS pool skills, experience and/or resources for the joint development and implementation of patient-centred projects and share a commitment to successful delivery. Our ability to continue with our long-standing collaborative efforts pivots on the DH’s joint working mandate and enables us to discover and invent new ways, every day, to help patients, their families and their loved ones.

We're currently working with the NHS in numerous ways, across various disciplines and disease areas. Whether it's cost reductions, improved quality of patient care or access to the latest research in a specialist area, we do what we can to help.






Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust Patient Experience App
EPIC: Early Prehabilitation In Lung Cancer
Gloucestershire AHP Prehabilitation Service (GAPS) for Lung Cancer Patients
Diabetes GP Patient Search Tool – Preston North and East Primary Care Network
Cardiff and Vale University Health Board Diabetes Informatics Programme
Hepatitis C (HCV) testing within existing Tuberculosis (TB) testing service for patients (local and immigrants) in Newham, London.
Over 65s Vaccination GP Cluster Project
Greater Manchester optimal lung cancer pathway project
Diabetes Informatics Project – NHS Warrington CCG
Northern Cancer Alliance Lung Pathway Board Project
Over 65 Vaccine Project Northern Ireland
NHS Buckinghamshire Diabetes Change Management Programme
East Merton GP surgeries EiP with Wide Way Surgery, Tamworth House Medical Centre, Cricket Green Medical Practice, Figges Marsh Surgery, Ravensbury Park Medical Centre, The Rowens Surgery and Streatham Commons Group Practice
Wessex AHSN Diabetes STP
Derbyshire pharmacy testing initiative for hepatitis C and HIV
Evidence Into Practice Across General Practices in Cardiff South West Cluster
Redbridge EiP Cluster (3)
Evidence Into Practice across Warrington CCG
Increasing the detection and diagnosis of blood borne viruses within the General Practice Population in BCUHB
Reducing Unwanted Pregnancies Programme within Drug and Alcohol Services in Wales
Merton GP surgeries Primary Care Change Programme for Diabetes with Colliers Wood surgery, Mitcham Family Practice and Mitcham Medical Centre


The use of innovative technology is a key priority for the NHS and is revolutionising the management of healthcare to improve healthcare outcomes.

Here at MSD, we have a rich legacy of invention, learnings and insights through providing innovative healthcare solutions that we can bring to support partnership projects to improve patient care now and, in the future, and will continue to drive this forward through:

Exploring and developing partnerships to deliver innovative healthcare solutions to help address health challenges now and in the future.

Finding innovative technology organisations to partner to help improve patient experiences, treatment pathways and diagnoses.

Collaborating to create patient-focused solutions.


MSD is proud to have worked across a number of partnership projects in what has been an incredible journey to look at innovative ways of providing healthcare and testing out new ideas and approaches for the first time.

From conducting long term condition algorithm development with Verily as part of the first wave of NHSE’s flagship Test Bed Programme, to partnering with pharmacies to deliver patient support programmes that improve compliance to medications, we are always learning.

We have also been involved in an early Detection of Cancer capability in support of the Cancer Vanguard and played a part in population health management at scale, as the technology partner for National Services Scotland, where we supported the application of data and digital to develop services across multiple domains of care through the SPIRE programme.

Our learnings and insights have been instrumental in helping us to spearhead and shape current partnership projects across diverse areas of innovative healthcare.


To continue to use our rich legacy of invention, learnings and insights to help improve patient care by exploring and developing new models of working with innovative partners to deliver healthcare solutions to help address health challenges now and in the future.




We have a long history of working with patient organisations to enable people to make informed choices about their health. It's one of the most important things we do – and we're proud of it.

Our aim is to support access to useful, accurate information to improve health and advance patient care.


For details of our past and present activities, please click on the links below:

Patient Organisations

Other Third-Party Organisations



Payments to Health Professionals and Healthcare Organisations.

MSD is passionate about advancing health and providing life-saving medicines to patients through innovation but we cannot do this without the vital scientific knowledge and insight health professionals (HCPs) bring, or close collaboration with healthcare organisations (HCOs).

The pharmaceutical industry is committed to greater transparency of financial relationships with HCPs and HCOs.

As a member of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), MSD supports this and has already been disclosing anonymised aggregate payments and benefits to HCPs and HCOs for the last three years in the lead up to individual disclosure.

ABPI logo


We're bold enough to want to change the world, but we're smart enough to know we can't do it alone.

In our quest to discover and develop innovative medicines, we are proud to work with many experts to bring medicines from the molecule to the patient care-setting.

We aspire to be open and transparent about these collaborations. We know we must continue to deserve the trust and confidence of patients, and also our customers, employees, shareholders and anyone else who connects with our business.

Our industry is actively involved in developing and adopting practices which help share information appropriately and with increasing transparency. This is an evolutionary process which is happening both in the UK and around the world. (ABPI)(IFPMA).


MSD, along with other ABPI member companies, discloses details of certain Transfer of Value (ToV) payments and benefits to individually named HCPs and HCOs on a publicly searchable database, Disclosure UK, which is hosted on the ABPI website.

For details of MSD’s individual payments to HCPs and HCOs


Click here for our methodology report.



At MSD we have a long history of working with and supporting patient organisations and healthcare organisations to enable people to make informed choices about their health. It's one of the most important things we do – and we're proud of it.

Watch the below video to find out about what the MSD grants programme has supported in the past.

Our Therapy Area Community Grants 2021 programme has now closed for applications. We are in the process of reviewing applications and will be in touch with applicants soon.

If you’re interested in applying for future grant programmes please watch this video to find out what our Grants and Donations Committee look for when reviewing applications.

If you have any questions about the MSD Grants Programme please contact





MSD for Mothers For over a century, MSD has taken on the most urgent global health challenges, including diabetes, HIV/AIDS and cervical cancer. Maternal mortality is no exception. MSD for Mothers builds on this legacy by implementing programmes, partnerships and solutions so no woman dies giving life.

Find out more here


Our Neighbour of Choice (NOC) community grant programme supports the work of local non-profit organisations that strive to improve people’s quality of life and to preserve the environment in communities in which we have a presence. Established by MSD globally in the 1990s, the NOC programme fosters partnerships with local non-profit organisations whose mission is to promote the well-being of community residents. We provide financial resources, enhanced by employee volunteerism, to support community programmes that aim to improve healthcare quality and protect the environmental health of the local community.


Cancer represents one of the world’s most urgent unmet medical needs. Worldwide, more than 14 million new cancer cases were diagnosed in 2012. This number is expected to grow to more than 20 million by 2030. We believe that policy researchers play a critical role – through their research work, educational activity and public outreach in informing valuable policy dialogues through evidence. Through this Independent Oncology Policy Grant Programme, MSD aims to enable institutions to enhance their capacity in research, teaching and dissemination. Beyond supporting independent research, the Programme will provide a forum for researchers to share ideas on emerging cancer policy issues and identify new areas for policy study.

Find out more about our Global Oncology Grants here

To find out more about MSD’s Corporate Social Responsibility


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Date of preparation: July 2021